Turks and Caicos Beach Bars – Ike and Donkey Beach Bar, Grand Turk

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Whenever I take a trip down to the islands, I always try and  catch a catamaran cruise for the day.  One of the best ones I’ve been on was in St. Kitts which, if I recall correctly, was with Blue Water Safaris.  It was a day trip with the primary focus being snorkeling.  At least that was the primary focus for some of us.  For myself and my friends, it was the free (well, prepaid) food and drinks.  Besides the fact that they started making drinks as soon as you got on board, they also brought your drinks to you in the water as you snorkeled.  All you had to do was show them the ubiquitous empty clear plastic cup and they would load up a raft full of drinks and start making the rounds.  Not having to get out of the water to get another rum punch was an unexpected bonus and something that I thoroughly enjoyed.

One of the pictures below is a view from the ocean of Ike and Donkey ‪‬ Beach Bar at Bohio Dive Resort on Grand Turk in Turks and Caicos. Looking at this photo reminded me of my past catamaran day cruises where the crew would serve drinks to you as you floated in the water.  Do you think there’s any way the bar staff would just bring our drinks to us so we wouldn’t have to leave the water?  It’s not an unfathomable idea.  Seacrets Beach Bar in Ocean City, Maryland has tables in the water and Palapa Beach Bar on Ambergris Caye in Belize has tubes you can float on at their location at the end of a pier.  Boats are often seen anchored off beaches at beach bars across the world.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have to wade onto shore to get their drinks and instead had the drinks brought to them?

So, note to future self – when your dream of owning a beach bar comes true some day, don’t forget the patrons in the water and I’m sure they won’t forget you.

For more on Bohio Dive Resort, check out their website here or like them on Facebook.

Photos from the Bohio Dive Resort website.

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