Beach Club or Beach Bar?

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When doing a search for beach bars online, you invariably come across beach clubs and you may wonder what the difference is. In some cases, there is none – the only discernible difference is in the semantics. In most cases, though, the differences between a beach bar and a beach club are as clear as what differentiates night from day. Look further into beach clubs and you’ll discover that they can vary as much appearance and function as beach bars do. Some beach clubs, such as Carambola Beach Club in St. Kitts, cater to the “foodies” among us who enjoy an appetizing dinner in a semi-formal settting and a few after dinner drinks while lazing on loungers down on the beach. Others, like Encore Beach Club at Wynn in Las Vegas, aren’t anywhere near a beach but are built around a pool and tropical atmosphere and are basically outdoor dance clubs. Then you have your beach clubs that are full blown resorts where not only can you enjoy dinner, drinks and dancing, you can also get a room for the night and make a whole vacation out of it.

Why bring up the subject of beach clubs on a beach bar blog? They’re intertwined with each other by their very nature. Some establishments that refer to themselves as beach bars would probably be better defined as a beach club and vice versa. When considering my future beach bar, the possibility of turning it into a beach club intrigues me. Why not open my typical Caribbean style beach bar and then build a beach club around it? The beach bar could occupy its rightful spot down by the water and anyone with a swimsuit and t-shirt could walk up to it and order a drink. Loungers would be lined up and down the beach for people to rest their weary soles/souls and could be rented out to the cruisers for some insane fee. The beachfront area would back up to a restaurant that shares the same beautiful view of the beach as the rest of the property and would serve some of the best meals to be found anywhere in the area. Is the picture coming into focus?

What do you think of the beach club vs. beach bar choice? Does a beach club with its full amenities appeal more to you or does the simplicity of a beach bar offer a more intriguing option? As for myself, I don’t know yet. I guess when the day finally comes I’ll have an answer but until then, I’ll just keep dreaming up the concept and hope someone comes along to help me bring it to life.

Carambola Beach Club – Photos from their Facebook page.carambola 1 carambola 2

Encore Beach Club – Photos from their website.Wynn_Encore_H

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