Beach Bar Playlist – Tuesday Tunes

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Whoever came up with the idea to pair Cisco Adler and Shwayze together is a genius. Looking at the two and their musical backgrounds, you would never suspect that putting them together would create a sound that beach bar bums and lovers of the laid back island/beach lifestyle would fall in love with. Five years on, it’s working as well as anyone could have hoped for. This year, they decided to put out their own albums – Shwayze released “Summer” on July 14th and a week later, it was Cisco’s turn to release his “Mahalo” EP. The song “Love You I Do,” with its mellow reggae rock sound, infectious melody and funky bass that sneaks in every now and then grabbed a hold of me right away. With lines like “I love hot sauce on my eggs” and “Tequila, I like to drink it. And in the morning, say ‘what was I thinking’” combined with an EP title like “Mahalo,” it was easy to choose this new ditty as the Tuesday Tunes song of the day for my beach bar playlist.

Time to order up a sunset, grab a drink and let the melodically induced swaying of this song ease you into the nighttime.

Author: Tom W.

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