Beach Bar Dreaming in St. Kitts

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I’ve always been interested in possible locations for beach bars. When I arrive on a beautiful beach and don’t find one, one of the first things that always comes to mind is “Why aren’t there any beach bars?” In some cases, as I highlighted recently in one of my other blog posts, beach bars already exist but may be closed, leaving no establishment to quench the hot, tired and thirsty masses trudging up and down the beach. And in rare cases, a beach may already have beach bars serving overpriced drinks to the tourists but an opportunity exists, for whatever reason, to expand the service the beach bars already in operation are offering. One of those rare cases is The Strip in Frigate Bay on the island of St. Kitts. While the pulchritude of the South Frigate Bay Beach can’t be argued (there’s a reason it’s a popular stop for cruise ship passengers) and the fact remains that you could go to a beach bar a day on this stretch of beach bar nirvana and still not hit nearly all of them, a point could be made that there exists on this beach an opportunity to open yet another beach bar.

I was lucky enough to recently visit St. Kitts for the second time and spend 10 days at Timothy Beach Resort (also the second time – it’s a favorite) which overlooks The Strip. One thing that I was instantly reminded of is that not much goes on during the day. It’s a solitude existence on this beach and it’s one of the reasons we chose it. This all changed on days the cruise ships were in town as the employees at the beach bars arrived a lot earlier than normal and started dragging beach chairs and umbrellas out of storage and onto their rightful perches on the beach overlooking the water. Then the wheels in my head started turning and my mind started drifting down to the other end of the beach and to the overgrown and littered lawn, shuttered doors, creaking gates and peeling paint of the Oasis Sports Bar.

The Oasis Sports Bar sits on the western end of The Strip and is currently not open but back in its heyday, it was a popular spot on the beach. I remember going there on my first visit to St. Kitts and the place was packed. I’m not sure how long it’s been closed but it’s obviously been awhile since it currently looks like it could serve as a backdrop for the latest “end of the world here come the zombies” Hollywood production. I don’t know the specifics behind why it was closed. If you do some research online, you realize that issues concerning the noise had been brought up by neighbors back in 2006 and people working on The Strip and other locals would tell you that was the reason behind it closing.

For this article, though, I don’t want to concentrate on the past of this beach bar but rather wonder about its future. I remember walking through its grounds as I was taking pictures and trying to avoid broken glass and thinking what a great place this would be for a beach club. I had it all planned out and pictured in my head. Since the last thing The Strip needs is another beach bar open into the wee hours of the morning, I thought a beach bar/club that catered to a lunch and dinner crowd would be perfect. Much like the clubs in Las Vegas, the partying would be during the day but at a much more reserved level. Chill out music would be the genre of choice and sunset would be the nightly entertainment. The property has plenty of room for a restaurant/bar inside and an outdoor commons area already had a separate bar overlooking the beach just begging for people to enjoy some rum punches at its well-worn and weathered walls. Closing time would be 10 – just in time to move down The Strip for the real partying!

I don’t know if the Oasis Sports Bar is currently for sale and even if it was, I wouldn’t have the money to purchase it. If I did, though, oh the things we could do!

Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think. What possibilities do you believe exist for this property? We can dream, can’t we?

IMG_20121126_112244Just inside the entrance from The Strip.


IMG_20121126_112343The formerly covered concrete patio area.


IMG_20121126_112413From the lawn area towards the outside bar and covered patio.


IMG_20121126_112434Taken from between the bar and lawn area through the front gates to the beach and ocean.


IMG_20121126_112445Overlooking the lawn area and down the beach to The Strip.


IMG_20121126_112517The beach in front of the Oasis.  That wall is just waiting for a new name to be painted on it.

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  1. Great idea! It has changed hands a number of times in the past.

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