To Leap or Not to Leap … That is the Question

I recently read a post about taking that last step off the cliff and finally jumping into what you’ve always wanted to do really hit home for me.  The gist of the article was that we all have a dream or idea of what we would like to be doing if we had the chance but most of us hold back and just peer out over the ledge instead of taking the plunge.

I’ve found myself in the writer’s situation a lot recently, slowly and carefully scooting my feet one by one closer to the rim, trying to catch a glimpse of what lies not just over the edge but at the bottom.  One of those steps was hiring a marketing firm to complete a total redesign of the website.  While it’s not inexpensive, it was a necessary step to keep the Beach Bar Bums community growing and moving me toward the ultimate goal of owning a beach bar.  While I know it’s not possible now for me to take that final step, move south of St. Somewhere and open a beach bar, I like standing there at the edge, enjoying the view and imagining what it will be like once I do.  And I’ve noticed that the closer I get to the rim, the better the view becomes.  The more times I cast a glance its way and the longer I stand there soaking it all in, the surer I become that one day, I will take that final step.

My advice?  Take that step when you’re ready and enjoy the ride.  Until then, don’t forget to enjoy the view and linger for a while.  And when you feel comfortable, step a little closer.  I think you’ll notice that the view not only becomes better but clearer.

Lining up to take the plunge at Rick’s in Jamaica.  Photo source:

Author: Tom W.

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