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One of the unforeseen benefits of starting Beach Bar Bums is all the great people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting online or in person. One of those people is Bruce Inskeep from Bruce, a fellow lover of beach bars, created his site which focuses on Caribbean beach bars. As a part of his “real” job, he flies all over the world and just like any true lover of beach bars, he searches them out wherever his feet land on terra firma. Since Bruce’s site concentrates on beach bars of the Caribbean, he often shares with me his photos and opinions of beach bars in other regions of the world. Recently, he was in Tel Aviv and was able to visit some beach bars in that city and was kind enough to send me some of his pictures. While I’m not clear on the names of some of them, I wanted to share these photos with you and thank Bruce publicly for taking the time to do this. As we all know, beach bar “research” isn’t exactly the worse thing in the world to do but it does take time out of an already hectic schedule and I, for one, appreciate it. So thank you, Bruce, for taking us on this photographic beach bar crawl through Tel Aviv!











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