Happy National Mojito Day!

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Happy National Mojito Day!  I know, yesterday was just National Pina Colada Day but hey, I’m not the one making the decision around here.  Besides Christmas Eve and Christmas day, these last two days might just be my favorite back to back days of the year.

Even though I’m a religious vodka tonic drinker, the mojito is my favorite drink to order when I go out.  I would make it more at home but it simply requires too many steps.  With a vodka tonic, you add ice, pour in the tonic and the vodka, stir it and you’re done.  The typical mojito involves five ingredients – white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint.  When preparing it, lime juice is added to the sugar and mint leaves and then gently muddled.  Rum is then added and the concoction is stirred to dissolve the sugar and lift the mint leaves to the top.  Finally, you add ice and sparkling soda water and there you have it – a mojito.   There are two issues I have with this process.  The first is the fact that I don’t want to muddle when making a drink.  I don’t even know that I have a muddler.  I’m sure I could concoct one but when all you want to do is make a quick drink, hunting down something to muddle leaves with is not high on the priority list.  Second, there are way too many steps.  Notice I was able to list the steps for making a vodka tonic in one sentence.  It took four sentences to list the process for making a mojito.

As I said earlier, I love mojitos but when I celebrate National Mojito Day tonight, someone else will have made my mojitos and I will have gladly paid the exorbitant price to allow them to do that.

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