Beaches in Need of a Beach Bar

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It’s hard for me to tell if any of the structures to the right of this picture are beach bars or not. If not, I think it’s my manifest destiny as a beach bar fan to claim one of them and transform it into a beach bar deserving of the setting. This beach is too beautiful not to admire and enjoy from the comforts of a beach bar.

Paynes Bay on the west coast of Barbados is your quintessential Caribbean beach – sand as white as snow and soft as powder, blue water so clear you can see to the bottom and just enough palm trees to create the idyllic setting. Why this stretch of paradise doesn’t have a beach bar is beyond me. While the back deck serving area on the beach at Daphne’s offers wonderful drink selections and is one of the nicest places to watch the sun set, calling it a beach bar wouldn’t be accurate. The lone previous beach bar in this area was the Blue Monkey beach bar which was part of the Tropical Escape Hotel. The hotel was located across the street with the Blue Monkey being on the beach side. However, the Tropical Escape and Blue Monkey have been for sale for quite some time now ($10,000,000 for both) so the Blue Monkey sits empty, waiting for someone to come along and turn it into what it could be – one of the prime beach bars in Barbados.

Are there any other beaches you can think of that are screaming for a beach bar? Or would you rather keep them a secret and not invite in the masses?

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Author: Tom W.

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