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If there’s a video that exemplifies the whole idea behind the Beach Bar Bums mantra of “livin’ de life” it would be this one. While a road trip along the Pacific coast of Mexico isn’t in the cards for most of us, it helps to remind us of the times in our lives when we can paue for a second and just take in the meaning of the moment. Whether it’s a weekend barecue with friends, sundowners at your local beach bar, a walk along the beach or a minute of solitary reflection, take the time to remind yourself of what’s important and then you’ll realize what it truly means to be “livin’ de life.”

To quote the top comment on Youtube for this video: “Your trip seems amazing and i bet many of us would love to experience something like that. Most of us won´t though, some will not ´´take a brake from this world´´, some will always find an excuse to postpone it till it´s too late. When i see the beauty of the place, the friendship, doing the thing you love without having any obligations, without letting someone stop you from doing what you want, i envy you.”

Author: Tom W.

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