Best Beach Bars?


Best Beach Bars?

I don’t know if it’s the onset of summer, the fact that it’s a fun gig if you can get it or something else but it always seems like this time of year is when you start to notice lists appearing that proclaim the best beach bars somewhere in the world or in the entire world. A quick Google search will bring up lists for the “6 Best Beach Bars in America,” “Best Bars For Spring-Breakers on Clearwater Beach,” “The 10 Best Caribbean Beach Bars,” “America’s Best Beach Bars,” “Top 10 Beach Bars” and “Best Florida Beach Bars”. And let’s not forget the all-encompassing lists “World’s 50 Best Beach Bars” and “16 Best Beach Bars in the World.” 16? How did they come up with that number? That’s just the first page of the Google search results for “best beach bars.” Outside of the fine folks at, I’m not even sure most of the people writing these articles have even been to all of the beach bars on their list. Which begs the question – how can you rate a beach bar as being the “best” if you haven’t even been to it yourself? Sure, maybe you can go off reviews on Tripadvisor, Yelp and other sites or maybe rely on others for their advice but don’t you have to actually plant your butt in a seat at this bar in order to qualify it as “best in class?” I like the way comes up with their 10 best Florida beach bars every year. They leave it up to the masses to vote – let the people who have been to these beach bars cast a vote for their favorite. Then supplements the popular vote with their own rating system and a top 10 list of best beach bars is born for another year!

If you were going to compile a list of best beach bars, which ones would be at the top of your list? You’re not limited to just one – that would be like choosing between favorite candy bars. Some days I’m a Snickers man. Some days I prefer Payday. Let me know – which beach bars (and candy bars if you wish) would be at the top of your “best beach bars” list? Or even better yet, which beach bars would be at the top of your favorite beach bars list?

Until the list if finalized, how about we all jump into this picture and discuss it at the beach bar at Christophe Harbor in White Bay, St. Kitts?

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Author: Tom W.

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