Chambers Landing on Lake Tahoe

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Chambers Landing on Lake Tahoe

Chambers Landing Bar and Restaurant on Lake Tahoe in Homewood, California would never be considered your typical Caribbean beach bar but it’s on a beach (well, on a pier over the water) and it is a bar. From “Chambers Landing is the oldest bar on Lake Tahoe. We serve a wide selection of items from the barbeque including Hamburgers, Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, Grilled Bratwurst and an assortment of salads including our Grilled Chicken Caesar, a deck favorite. Known for its pristine views of Lake Tahoe and its access by boat from the lake, Chambers Landing is Lake Tahoe’s favorite summer family hotspot.”

And the view …. If you’ve never had the chance to go to Lake Tahoe, I highly recommend it. The setting is breathtaking any time of the year. I’ve found myself sitting at a few bars on Lake Tahoe and thinking to myself “It doesn’t get any better than this.” I have a feeling you could end up sharing the same thought.

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Author: Tom W.

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  1. I like your post and idea behind your blog!! I live in Lake Tahoe and used to live on Maui and have enjoyed my fair share of beach bars! A few other favorites in Lake Tahoe are the Hyatt Pier Bar, Sunnyside’s outdoor patio deck and outdoor bar and of course, the Wet Woody at Garwood’s. Keep the recommendations and reviews coming!

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  2. Thank you, Robin! I haven’t been to Hyatt Pier or Sunnyside’s but I’ve had my fair share of Wet Woody drinks at Garwood’s. 🙂 Jason’s on Kings Beach is one of our favorites along with the Sunset Bar at Zephyr Cove. Any beach bars you can recommend in Maui, Lake Tahoe or anywhere else, please do! I’m always looking for new ones to highlight. Cheers!

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