Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar in Barbados

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Surfer's Bay Beach Bar in Barbados

I’ve always been a big fan of staying on the west coast of any island mainly because of the sunsets. Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar, however, is evidence that you can still enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sunsets and not be on the west coast as this photo clearly shows. “Surfer’s Bay is nestled in on the south point of the island and is literally right on the ocean. A boutique hotel including a fully functioning open-air restaurant and bar, Surfer’s Bay is positioned perfectly for sunset. Tourists in the know and locals with positive vibes frequent Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar daily for happy hour and sunset photo ops. There is a vast open field with expansive views of the sea, complete with a massive bonfire pit and hammocks and long rope swing chairs. Coconut trees line the reef walk, through the sounds of the Caribbean you can hear the melody of a live band performing right on the deck of the beach bar.”

I’m not sure how I missed this bar when I was last in Barbados but here’s to hoping I get to enjoy some sunsets from the south coast in the future!

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