Best Resort Beach Bars?

I’ve always believed beach bars located at resorts don’t get enough credit for being great beach bars. I don’t know if it’s the stigma of being owned by a big company, the assumption they wouldn’t be able to survive on their own or something else, but they never get their due. Some of the best experiences I’ve had and some of the most memorable people I’ve met have been at resort beach bars. In fact, the availability of a beach bar is one of the main criteria for me when deciding where to stay. No beach bar? No thank you. Plus, if you’re staying at an all-inclusive, where else would you rather drink all of your prepaid cocktails?

This article highlights some of the best resort beach bars in the world and while some of my favorites aren’t on the list (The Bunker Bar at the Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusives and The Dock Bar at Timothy Beach Resort, St. Kitts), it’s a great place to start nonetheless.

Author: Tom W.

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