What Makes A Beach Bar Great?

I was asked the question “What makes a beach bar great?” and it’s something I’ve asked myself many times before. My dream has always been to own a beach bar in the Caribbean and every time I’m reminded of that dream, I always wonder what it would be like. What would I want to see in my beach bar? The answer to that question should provide the answer to what makes a beach bar. After all, who wants to open up a beach bar that sucks?

beach bar

First things first – location, location, location

It would have to be on a west facing beach. You would think that a beach bar being located on the beach is a given but it’s not. Sand would have to be a major component of the floor whether it’s the beach itself or it’s trucked in via sandals or the soles of feet. And sunsets would have to be available. The best way to end any day is watching the sun set. Along with the ocean, it’s a daily gift from Mother Nature and something we can offer for free to our patrons.

Nothing fancy

I don’t want it to be anything fancy. If a hurricane comes along and blows it away, I want to be able to rebuild it in a week or two.

Great music

Great music should always be heard. Whether it’s from a laptop, a DJ, a local band or someone’s boom box, music helps set the mood and it’s something I can’t live without.

Keep the food simple but good

A really basic food menu. You need something to absorb all of that alcohol. If you can’t include the menu options on a small chalkboard, you don’t need them. And if I have to do anything but
nuke it, grill it, deep fry it or toss it, we’re in trouble.

No dress code

Someone should feel absolutely comfortable sitting there in their swimsuit … or less. Anything more than a top, shorts and sandals would be considered pompous.

Happy employees

Happy employees make for happy patrons. Happy patrons drink more.

Home to all

Everyone would be welcome and treated like family. You can’t depend on just locals or tourists. Tourists will help turn a profit but the locals will keep you open.

Happy vibe, happy tribe

Last but certainly not least, the patrons. Laid back, stress free, easy going, happy go lucky, not a care in the world. If they aren’t that way when they arrive, they should be when they leave.

What does all this add up to? A place anyone can walk into,
order a burger and a drink and start making new friends as their worries are
melted away by the sun, ground down by the sand and carried away by the waves.

Author: Tom W.

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