Not Every Beach Bar is Found at the Beach

The bar at Blue Heaven, a restaurant in Key West, isn’t located on the beach but it exudes all the characteristics you would normally find at one. Colorful chairs and characters to sit on them, a wooden structure that blends into the surroundings, sand dragged in by all the tourists and locals who flock to this eatery for its heavenly cuisine, a local musician strumming laid back tunes and a mellow Key West island vibe all add to the charm you would expect to find at your favorite beachfront haunt. The only thing missing is the waves but once you belly up to the bar and meet the colorful characters on their colorful chairs, something tells me you won’t mind a bit.


I Found a Sandy Beach in Key West!

Key West is known for a lot of things but sandy beaches is not one of them. If you’re looking for a place to sink your toes into some sand (And by sand, I don’t mean crushed coral – that’s not sand), head over to the Southernmost Beach Cafe and Bar. If you’re staying at one of the Southernmost locations or the Santa Maria Suites, you can grab some chairs and umbrellas for free. Otherwise, there’s a nominal fee. When you walk across the beach and the bottom of your feet aren’t becoming permanently embedded with dried up sea life, the fee will be a welcome inconvenience.


Writing a Blog Post at the Beach is Pretty Much the Shizzle

This was my view today from Delray Beach, Florida as I tried to come up with a subject for today’s article. As I tried formulating it in my head, it occurred to me that writing a blog article while sitting on the beach is pretty cool. There could be worse ways to spend the day. Now I just need to figure out how to make a living from it.

And I also saved a lady from drowning in about a foot of water. I would like to believe she thinks my day at the beach is pretty much the shizzle, too.


A Round of Drinks at Sunset Grille and Raw Bar

Sunset Grille and Raw Bar, located in the Florida Keys at the north end of 7 Mile Bridge in Marathon, would be a dangerous place for me if I lived anywhere in its vicinity. We only had time to stop for a round of drinks but it was long enough for me to spot the pool, outdoor movie screen, small beach with welcoming chairs, an appetizing menu, delicious drinks and a view that any beach bar would be hard to top. If we had actually been there at sunset, I may have never left.


The Beginning and the End to Highway 1

You knew we had to do it when we were in Key West – find the end of the road that got us down there and its subsequent beginning. It was actually the last thing we did on our way out of town. We headed south to our goal so we could head north to home. Apparently the old saying is true: Every end is a new beginning. At least that’s the way it is on Highway 1.



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