We Built Our Own Beach Bar!

The latest personal tiki/beach bar comes to me from Tim McDaniel, whose beach bar may not be the fanciest but it’s portable and when you have a beach bar you can take with you, you and I are going to become BFFs.


Tim’s portable tiki bar is made with PVC and consists of a folding table, tiki thatch, a roll of split bamboo, a few bungee cords and a vinyl sign. That screams ingenuity! He states that “The name Happy Day has been borrowed from one of our favorite bars in St Lucia. To keep with the St Lucia theme there is a flag, a Piton beer koozie, and pictures on the sign from our various trips to the island. Oh, and we always keep Chairman’s Reserve Spiced on hand!” In keeping with the “happy wife, happy life” mantra, he begrudgingly included his wife’s name in the name of the beach bar. Smart move, Tim!

“We keep it in our RV so we are tiki bar ready wherever we go. Our little slice of beach livin’ has been to Bristol TN, Richmond VA, and Martinsville, VA for NASCAR races to name a few places.”

And no red solo cups for this bar! They had some “branded” bright green cups made to make the experience more memorable. If you take a close look, though, you’ll notice that Tim’s wife’s name isn’t in as large a font as “Happy Day.” I’m sure he just blamed that on the printer. “It was larger on the proof, honey. I swear!”

Thanks for submitting your pictures, Tim, and sharing your experience with us! I look forward to bellying up to your tiki bar at a NASCAR track some time in the future – as long as you aren’t wearing a Gordon shirt. :) Then I might have to drink and run back to my JGR homies.

Do you have pictures of a beach or tiki themed beach bar you would like to share with the world? Send me a message through my Facebook page or email me at info at beachbarbums dot com. Your pictures could be featured on the blog and better yet, could quite possibly make me very jealous!

Photo of the Day: Stilts Bar and Grill, Marco Island, Florida

Stilts Beachside Bar and Grill is a contemporary beach bar/restaurant that is part of the Marriott Vacation Club on Marco Island in Florida. I have no idea if this means you can’t check out Stilts unless you’re part of the vacation club or what but the picture sure is neat. And with the longest happy hour on the island (2 pm to 6 pm!), it might just be worth trespassing charges and a booking photo to see if you can sneak in and imbibe at half price for four hours.


Photo by Clark Maxwell. Link to image source and license info.

Instagram Monday: #beachbarbums – We’re Getting Tagged!

My favorite #beachbarbums tagged photos from the last week featuring beach bars in Puerto Rico, Naxos (Greece), Dayton Beach (Florida), Baja California (Mexico) and a mobile beach bar in Barbados.


Want to be featured in this weekly article? Use the hastag #beachbarbums and we’ll use your image! Why would you want to share your tender Instagram moments with us? While the blog doesn’t get a lot of hits, we do average about 400 views a day so your product, your photography or just your pretty face can get free exposure. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Plus, you’ll also be entered into a drawing to win free Beach Bar Bums swag (more free stuff!) that will make you the envy of all your friends. We promise.

Beach Bars in HDR: Porky’s Bayside, Marathon, Florida

This image of Porky’s Bayside, a beach bar in Marathon, Florida in the Florida Keys, was taken by Chris Jones. As we get closer to our Keys road trip to Key West, it’s images like this one that make me want to add yet another beach bar to my itinerary. Chris’s image accomplishes what it’s supposed to – it invites you into the beach bar and makes you want to stop by and see if they have any overpriced t-shirts for sale. They do? I’ll take six of them!


You can view the rest of Chris’s photography here.

License Info

HDR processing by yours truly using Photomatix.

Eight of the Best Tampa Bay Beach Bars

The Tampa Bay Times recently released a list of eight of their favorite beach bars and they range from the over-the-top Hogan’s Bar in Tampa Bay to a longtime favorite, Harry’s Beach Bar in St. Pete Beach. Clearwater Beach is represented as well with The Brown Boxer and Shephard’s getting some love from the Times.


I’m surprised St. Pete Beach didn’t get more mentions. What did you think of the list? The area is chock full of beach bars so narrowing it down to eight would be a hard task for anyone. While these beach bars may be worth their shaker of salt, my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt from that shaker. A bunch of grains of salt … on the rim of a margarita glass.

Photo by Marcy Kellar.

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