Dining at Beach Bars? I’m No Foodie But ….

Beach bars and food have been on my mind lately (thanks in part to this article from Carib Journal) which isn’t out of the ordinary considering I’m constantly thinking about beach bars and my stomach is a seemingly bottomless pit. How crucial dining options are to a beach bar’s success and popularity, however, have been something I’ve been contemplating recently and it leads to this question – can a beach bar be successful without offering a food menu? The answer to that question ties neatly into the popularity aspect. After all, successful beach bars are generally popular ones and among the favorites of locals and visitors alike. When you consider your favorite beach bars, how much did the dining options influence that? If the beach bar didn’t offer food choices, would that beach bar still be one of your favorites?

Beachbars.co recently posted an image of Cathy’s Beach Bar, located on the Strip in St. Kitts, on their Facebook page and while I consider Cathy’s far and away the best place to eat on the Strip, I wouldn’t consider it one of my favorite beach bars. I never ate a thing at the Bunker Bar in Aruba but I still consider it my favorite beach bar located at a resort. On the other side of the argument, Sprat Net in St. Kitts wouldn’t even be in the conversation for one of my favorite beach bars if it wasn’t for their plates full of food that melt in your mouth. The same can be said about OJ’s in Antigua – if it wasn’t for their delicious dinner offerings, it probably wouldn’t even rank among my favorite beach bars just on the island.

cathy's beach bar

Can a beach bar be successful and not have dining options? As potential buyers look into purchasing a beach bar, it’s something they have to consider. They have to ask themselves if they’re ready to not only deal with the beach bar part of their business but the “grill” part also.

If you’ve been to a great beach bar that didn’t offer food, tell me about it in the comments. Do food choices matter to you when considering which beach bar you want to visit? I would love to read your feedback and gain some valuable insight into the importance of dining options when considering a beach bar.
And now I’m hungry and microwaved leftovers don’t sound as good as they did before I started this article.

Instagram Monday – #beachbarbums and Closing Time At Our Local Beach Bar

One of our favorite local beach bars ended their summer season this past weekend so we had to show up and help close the place down. Dollar drafts and $4 pitchers didn’t hurt either. The plane pictured above the stage at the aforementioned bar was actually occupied (while sitting in its current spot) on a different occasion by one of our friends who, after a few drinks, scrambled across multiple roofs to play pilot for a fleeting moment. He was politely, but firmly, asked to extricate himself from the pilot’s seat. Aren’t beach bars just the perfect setting for memorable stories? “You guys should hear about the time I tried to fly a plane parked at a landlocked beach bar!” Those were the days ….

Other beach bar locations featured today include a couple from Tenerife (Canary Islands), Boracay and Caye Caulker. Time to start making some memories.

Images redirect to the photographer’s Instagram account for proper credit.


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Beach Bars For Sale – Island Blues, St. John, USVI

When beach bars that are for sale end up on the market, the asking price is usually way out of my price range. This beach bar in St. John, though, isn’t (yippee!) and while the beach may be absent, the vibe and view certainly make up for it. Island Blues, a waterfront restaurant and bar overlooking Coral Bay in St. John, US Virgin Islands, won’t even cost you in the six figures. With an asking price of $99,999, it gets close but when you get down to that price range, you start to grab the attention of people really fast. And if it’s good enough to be reviewed by Caribbean Travel and Life, which calls it a “rough-and-ready watering hole, popular with locals weary of the tourist scene,” it should be good enough for you.

Image by Jason St. Peter and used under Creative Commons license. You can view the rest of his work at his blog, fiftypercentchanceofrain.com.

Island Blues is currently listed on the Islandia Real Estate site and they describe the opportunity as “WATERFRONT Business on CORAL BAY,ISLAND BLUES RESTAURANT & BAR in the heart of the proposed marina. With current seating for 22(bar), 40 (table seating) and additional seating in the ”stage” area. Room on the property for expansion. Lease & equipment for sale.” While you won’t own the land, the potential possibilities this location could offer are only enhanced by the proposed new marina which according to the News of St. John, is coming whether you want it to or not. A marina full of hungry and thirsty yachties looking to spend their hard earned cash (or family trust)? Sounds like the ideal situation to me. And did I mention that the asking price is only $99,999? Let’s not forget that.

For more information on Island Blues, please visit the following sites:

Trip Advisor
Find out how to make their signature drink, the Wally Whacker, here.

Beach Bar Crawl in St. Pete Beach – Party for a Cause

Looking for a reason to beach bar crawl through St. Pete Beach? If you’re free and in the area October 18th, I may have found the event for you.


If there’s anything I love doing, it’s partying for a cause and that’s what the sixth annual Octoberfest Beach Crawl in St. Pete Beach aims to do. Meeting at the Undertow beach bar at 5 pm, the beach bar crawl will start promptly at 6 and visit nine more beach bars before the night is over, all along the way raising money for the “Walk to End Alzheimer’s.” Don’t wait too long to sign up – the first 200 paid participants get a free “Beach Crawl” koozie which will come in real handy throughout the night.

For more details on how you can join the beach bar crawl, you can view the Paradise News article here. You can also “friend” the event through their personal Facebook page.

Beach bar crawling to raise money for a great cause? Oh, St. Pete Beach, you keep on tempting me ….

Photo by Neil Staeck via Creative Commons license.

The Beach Bars of Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Discussions about the best British Virgin Islands beach bars normally begin and end with those located on Jost Van Dyke. Cane Garden Bay, a gently sweeping crescent of powder white sand on the northwest coast of Tortola, makes a strong statement as a beach bar utopia and with its west facing beach that includes the aforementioned Jost Van Dyke on the horizon, it’s hard to argue with this stance. Home to such beach bar stalwarts as Quito’s Gazebo, Big Banana Paradise Club, Rhymers Beach Bar, Tony’s Welcome Bar, ELM Beach Bar and Myett’s Garden and Grill, Cane Garden Bay should be on every beach bar bums wish list.

IMG_4713 Beach Bars on Cane Garden BayImage of Cane Garden Bay provided by Noelle Campbell.

Cane Garden Bay’s beach bars are numerous but I think I’ve covered most, if not all of them, in the following list. If you’ve been to Cane Garden Bay and have visited any of these beach bars and/or hotels, let me know in the comments. I would love to hear what you thought of them!

7861542740_da7af2f608_zImage by dony31

Bareboats BVI describes Quito’s as “a BVI landmark and very likely, the most popular nightclub in the territory” and goes on to say about the proprietor: “Quito is a genuinely warm and friendly fellow who always makes time to stop by and say hello to guests … and make you “Feel All Right”!” Quito’s sounds all right to me!

Big Banana Paradise Club
4387733032_05d1449457_zImage by tps58

Described by 10Best as a bar that “serves up expertly mixed drinks as well as freshly-caught seafood and zesty West Indian dishes. They’re known for their finger licking ribs and coconut shrimp, so be sure to ask for an order of each.” They may have shortened the name to Paradise Club … or not. Either way, you’ll find it.

Rhymers Beach Bar
7861526778_884d4dc5b3_zImage by dony31

This beach bar is located at Rhymers Beach Hotel and there isn’t a lot of information on the beach bar itself. You can view what visitors on Trip Advisor have to say about it here. A hotel with an awesome beach bar? I know where I’m staying.

Tony’s Welcome Bar
Rum Therapy says that Tony’s “was the busiest bar on the beach while we were there and looked like a great place to chill and enjoy a beverage or two.” There might be a sign calling “Tony’s” beach bar “Stanley’s” but don’t be confused. You’re in the right spot.

ELM Beach Bar
Like Rhymers, ELM Beach Bar is located at a hotel, also, ELM Beach Suites. One Trip Advisor reviewer states that the hotel “immerses you in the local culture.” When you’re on Tortola, that’s a good thing.

Myett’s Garden and Grill
7861538906_439dbc62ef_zImage by dony31

Another beach bar on Cane Garden Bay conveniently attached to a hotel. Caribya has an excellent review and has this to say in their opening paragraph: “Since 1992 Garden and Grille Restaurant has served the Cane Garden Bay area of Tortolla for more than a decade, and knows how to provide excellent service. Pair that with a menu of mouthwatering items prepared by Jamaican chef Stone and the beautiful setting, and you have a restaurant you can’t pass up during your time on the island.” That’s quite the introduction!

Are the images and my highly questionable writing skills not doing it for you? View the following video and experience an hour on Cane Garden Bay in just 80 seconds!

To find more information on Cane Garden Bay beach bars and others on Tortola, you can view this page from our friends over at beachbars.co.

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